Welcome to Project KARMA, Inc.
We are honored and humbled at the courage it takes to undergo an inner journey. Please know that our community is a safe, and dedicated space for you to work hard at finding support for your losses and for reconnecting to what is really important to you. Our services are designed to help you look at the losses in your life and to make connections that create meaning, and give you tools for making better choices about friends and associations as you grow and learn.

Negative behaviors, such as gang participation is no easy fix for what is challenging you. The risk of joining far outweighs the risk of facing your life head on. We make no guarantees about what we do here, only that we will offer you the space, the privacy and the knowledge at our disposal to help you and your family confront the choices in front of you, or to deal with the consequences of action you may have already taken as a gang member.
Loss is a big part of many of our deepest and most meaningful experiences in life, whether you are dealing with these losses in a positive or negative way- support is here for you.

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