Who is eligible to participate in Project KARMA, Inc?
Project KARMA, Inc. is open to all school-aged children and teens living in the Metro-Atlanta area, and surrounding counties who have experienced the death or loss of a parent, sibling, or caregiver at some point in their lifetime, and are at risk of gang involvement, in a gang, or participating in other negative coping behaviors. Young people dealing with loss, and are not involved in gangs are a part of our healing circle.

How much does it cost?
We do not charge a fee for many of the support services offered at Project KARMA, Inc. Some services are offered at a minimal charge, or on a sliding fee basis.

How long after the death does the family need to wait before calling?
A family or individual can call and start the process for participation as soon as they are ready.

What if a child/teen needs private therapy?
Project KARMA, Inc. does provide short-term therapy, or private counseling on a sliding fee basis. We also have a list of referral therapists who counsel children, teens, and/or adults with grief issues.

How do I get my child/teen started?
The Steps for participating in Project KARMA, Inc. are as follows:
1. You’ll need to complete an application. Send an email to alesiaLCSW@comcast.net or call 404-207-9980 for an application.
2. Mail the completed and signed application back to Project KARMA, Inc. when you and your child/teen feel comfortable to move forward.

How long is a family expected to participate in Project KARMA, Inc.?
We believe in the uniqueness of the intensity and duration of grief for each individual and family. Children/teens choose when to start, and when to stop attending.

Is there a long waiting list?
No. If space is not available at the time the application is received, a phone call will be placed to the family and with consent, the interested child will be placed on our waiting list. Immediate needs of the family will be discussed and Project KARMA, Inc. will make every attempt to refer your family to an alternative community resource that meets your child’s need until further direct service can be provided by the organization.

Is there a Project KARMA, Inc. near me?
Unfortunately, Project KARMA, Inc. is located only in Atlanta, GA. However, several similar organizations exist around the country. Find a center near you.

How is Project KARMA, Inc. funded?
Project KARMA, Inc. is funded by corporate gifts, private foundations and individual donors. Many of our services are offered as a community service. Some participants are not responsible for paying a fee, so we rely heavily of donations of all sizes. Click here to donate.


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