Project KARMA, Inc. offers a variety of services and resources to help celebrate young people, and to create healing circles for your child or teen, and the community. Our programs and support offerings are created and planned to be fun, culturally relevant, sensitive, and responsive to your child/teen’s individual loss history and pressing issues. New programs are being developed all the time to meet the needs of our families and community- so check back often! Most program services are offered free of charge as a community service, or on a sliding fee basis.



Individual Grief Support

Weekly, 50 minute individual sessions geared toward more intensive grief work and management. Sliding fee schedule.


Grief Support Groups
Time-limited, weekly, open-ended support groups offer a fun, supportive and non-judgmental circle for exploration and ventilation of feelings and experiences shared by grieving children and teens. Cycles run for 6-8 weeks.

Gang Support Groups
Time-limited groups geared to offer support and alternatives to gang activity and involvement. Groups consist of anger management, conflict resolution and peace education as a way of opening up avenues for young people to make healthy and safe decisions about peer group choices and to promote community wellness.

Agency & School Trainings
Trainings and issue specific presentations and training modules based on grief support and gang prevention interventions and support. Topics include:
• Grief 101
• Gangs 101
• Creating Grief Friendly Environments
• Parenting the Grieving Child/Teen
• Parenting your Gang-Involved Child/Teen
• Empowerment
• Mastering Change


Community Building/Gang Awareness Workshops
Community building and gang intervention workshops to promote gang-proofing communities, raising awareness of gang activity. Workshops promote team and resource building and conscious community connections.
PowerParenting! Seminars
Seminars geared toward promoting positive parenting and empowerment.

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